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  • Mothers & daughters fight the most of any parenting pair. Fathers usually have no idea what to do about it and feel helpless or disgusted. What are Teen girls so unhappy about with their mothers? I hear the same refrain; "She doesn't understand me." "She doesn't have a clue who I really am!" "S... [read more]
  • Great parenting is about seeing the true uniqueness of your child. Seeing who they are as an individual, different from who you might have imagined they would end up being. Our favorite five-year old is Emma, the daughter of a woman who works part-time for my husband. Emma’s mother told me a story ... [read more]
  • Expectations have a way of snarling up all relationships. We have ideas of who partners are supposed to be & of who we should be. We have ideas of who our children should be (SAFE roars in the heads of those who parent adolescents) and of who we will be as parents. "I will be so different from m... [read more]
  • There is so much suspicion surrounding new people becoming part of the family. In the 50's there was even suspicion about people of different religions. It's scary for parents because they don't participate in the choice. It's sad that there is so little welcoming of new "blood" into a family. Ne... [read more]
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