Changing yourself to become a better person is a valiant effort. Nothing is consistent about life except change. Embracing opportunities to learn & grow is something I never get tired of. Learning is beginning to think about things in a fresh, new way. That’s what I offer you here on the website; information that will lead to change.

After more than 40 years of working with people, I want to reach out to a broader group of people, than one or two at a time. I started this website 17 years ago & the podcast will be 5 years old in April 2020.

Greater self awareness & being willing to be uncomfortable are the two requirements for any real change. It’s a lot easier to maintain the status quo, stick to your routines & buy stuff to feel ok. It’s way harder to experiment with doing something new that you’ve learned from a course..

Real change is incredibly difficult. It happens in small steps & only if you are willing to be uncomfortable. THERE ARE NO SOLUTIONS WITHOUT ANXIETY! New beginnings are always full of uncertainty & fear.

You can not grow & stay comfortable. A good example of that would be AA meetings; walking in & sharing your mistakes & the things you did that you are ashamed of takes a lot of courage. It’s that courage & honesty that is the real beginning of change.

Change is scary & exciting. No one will ever take away the essence of who you are. Change is to increase the range of who you are so you can access different responses for  every situation instead of knee jerk habits. Choice is what makes you more mentally healthy. If you have more balance, you have more choices which is the exciting part.

Real change is worth the hard work of facing uncertainty. You realign your values with what is important to you. My favorite two values to help people with are 1. Being more Authentic & 2. Becoming more aware of Choices. Authenticity can change your life & of course, it is your choices that will define your life. 

I do recommend doing the homework suggestions at the end of each page. It helps you to digest and learn a fresh, new way of thinking. The brain is where it’s at when it comes to change. Ultimately you want to create new synapses in the brain which takes effort. Your old habits have created ruts in the brain, our goal is to create new neural pathways. The more you do the additional homework in each course, the more you will absorb. Teaching your brain to have more ability to respond uniquely to each situation is a skill set you will never regret.

I decided to learn how to be a podcaster and started something I knew absolutely nothing about. I offered my first three episodes April 22, 2015. The technology still makes me crazy & I love being a podcaster. I can’t begin to tell you how scared I was, I don’t even like the sound of my own voice & I took online courses in order to learn. I’m super grateful I found the courage to begin something new at the age of 62. I’m so glad I did not let fear rob me of something I enjoy so much (even when a potential guest can’t be bothered to get back to me). 

It does take practice to get better at anything, so you have to care enough about what’s at the end to push through your fears, hesitations & passivity. Taking the easy way out is never really a good idea. You have to be committed too stretching yourself in new ways. As Eleanor Roosevelt said “Do one thing that scares you every day.”

I’m certain you will feel proud of what you accomplish from spending time here & I hope you will spread the word about the podcast & website to your friends & relatives! Enjoy your new experiments with change.

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4 years ago

Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

2 years ago

I am enjoying and benefitting from your content, style, wisdom and insight. I am so appreciative that you share yourself with the world. You are inspiring!
Thank you from my heart



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