Coronavirus, COVID-19, quarantine

 Coronavirus & its consequences are here to stay for awhile. So here are 4 ways to improve your life in quarantine.


This would be a great goal to achieve during a pandemic & would be really helpful in the future. So my first goal to manage anxiety instead of it managing you would be to pick a technique from this next list to practice every day. The more serious you are about practice the more in charge of your fears you will be.

Do you spend too long over analyzing all your worries? It could be that obsessing is pretending you can figure it out & then you will feel more in control. So decide to use at least 2 or 3 of these suggestions. On a separate note: Studies have shown Journaling also helps with self confidence & even better sleep. Also try using the website:

You also can embrace the rubber band technique; wearing one on your wrist, snapping it to interrupt the obsessiveness. Obsessiveness is pretending you are making yourself safe or accomplishing something with over thinking. So you want to interrupt your spinning, whirling thoughts by snapping the rubber band & shifting your focus.


Adaptability is a skill that can benefit you for an entire lifetime. 

This is a chance to practice adaptability. In my podcaster group on facebook someone talked about always interviewing in person & now she was upset that while the quarantine is in place she couldn’t do that. I thought “OMG, flexibility is entirely a positive in life.” Rigidity is not a sign of mental well being. Learning to roll with the punches and landing on your feet is a big deal.


The most important thing you can do is open yourself up to new possibilities when the world is shrinking & you are stuck hibernating at home. You need to have more courage to experiment & expand your world. Now that you are in the safety of your couch or at your home office explore new ideas on TED TALKS. Try some free online courses or explore virtual tours of museums & art.