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Pornography Addiction has become a problem for many couples. It sets up unrealistic expectations that real life can’t compete with. Porn addiction often becomes a powerful problem because it’s easier than dealing with the messiness of human beings. Our brains love the pursuit of novelty which is available so immediately on the internet. Our guest today is David L. Janvier, M.A., LPC, CST, GPCM His website:

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Quote on Pornography by DAVID SIMON creator of The Deuce & The Wire in The Guardian interview on 9/10/17:
Pornography “affected the way men and women look at each other, the way we address each other culturally, sexually,” he says. “I don’t think you can look at the misogyny that’s been evident in this election cycle, and what any female commentator or essayist or public speaker endured on the internet or any social media setting, and not realise that pornography has changed the demeanour of men. Just the way that women are addressed for their intellectual output, the aggression that’s delivered to women I think is informed by 50 years of the culturalisation of the pornographic.”

I think the culture’s changed because of the way women are depicted. Pornography’s a big part of that
George Pelecanos producer of The Deuce

Pornography Addiction Definition:

Any substance or process can become addictive. When we speak of addiction and whether one has an addiction we look toward a criteria that is descriptive of the nature and behavior of addiction. Such as, Am I using pornography more than I want to, Do I use it despite consequences (take us too much time from work or family and other responsibilities), Is my use escalating in frequency, intensity, or the nature of it has evolved into wanting more & more.

Long History of Pornography through the Ages:
AD 79 Pompeii-Discovered sexually explicit frescoes/Sculptures

Dates back to greek and roman culture. Even the 3rd century with the karma sutra.

When the Gutenberg Press was established in 1440, porn quickly found a home in literature. In 1524, the first book of erotic engravings

1839-Early version of the photograph was created. Shortly after, the word “pornography” officially entered the English language.

1951- X-rating formally introduced

1957-Hugh Hefner founded Playboy

Present Day the shift from pornography in print to instant visuals in the digital age has really changed the game. There is a huge appetite for immediate gratification. Addictions are about taking the easy way & feeling good FAST.

Pornography addiction has made anal sex more popular.
Potential Harm:
Aggravate hemorrhoids
Anal fistula
Rectal prolapse
STI’s for more contracted anally
Lubricants cause damage to rectal tissue

Potential Effects of Pornography Addiction:
Disturbs the sexual arousal template
Impairs performance with human partner
Erectile Dysfunction
Degrades women
Contributes to sex trafficking
It’s not real!! Creates unrealistic expectations

More Resources for Pornography Addiction:

What are the Effects of Porn on the BrainDr. Valerie Voon at Cambridge University – uses MRI scans

TED X Glasgow-The Great Porn Experiment by Gary Wilson

How Can Couples Spice Up Their Sex Life?
Erotic Movies together
Change location
Time of day
First explore what’s keeping things stale & in a rut.
Spicing things up just doesn’t mean physical. Focus on how you are sharing intimately and how you are making emotional and psychological connections.


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