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Marijuana is a problem because you feel good without doing anything. Love of marijuana often goes along with a lot of coasting in life; sidestepping goals & not working too hard on studying because you are satisfied with just getting by. Life is a lot of hard work and we adore avoiding the struggle.

People that I know who smoke pot don’t smoke it once in a while. Choice is what makes you mentally healthy. Smoking marijuana every day is not about making choices.

Someone I know is grateful he got in legal trouble which motivated him to finally stop smoking marijuana. He is glad that this happened because he realizes he was using pot to treat his anxiety, by self medicating. I asked him to share his experience:

“When I first quit smoking pot, I felt so bored. I’d get sweaty and clammy for no reason. I was so impatient about everything, like I was constantly on edge. I had no appetite or desire to eat. It was a battle falling asleep at night. Whenever I would notice these things, my first instinct was to smoke a bowl. I wondered when I was going to calm down and became very impatient about that too. This lasted for roughly three days.

I smoked a lot of pot; every opportunity I’d get I’d be smoking a bowl from the minute I’d wake up until the minute I planned to go to sleep. I knew it wasn’t the best thing for me but I also knew I could be doing a lot worse. Something about the way it relaxed me, it was like no other. It made it easier for things to just roll off my back.

I started going to NA meetings. Addiction is something I can easily relate to. It didn’t take long for me to feel comfortable at the meetings. I remember my third or fourth a meeting a guy said, “We need each other in these rooms, to tell us what we’re doing is wrong. As addicts, we can’t see it or simply don’t want to see it. Therefore, we can help each other.” It made so much sense to me.

The next day, I began applying these gems of wisdom in my everyday life. I would share these things with my girlfriend. We started reading the “Just for Today” daily mediations every morning together and we would talk about it. Before long, our relationship started getting better.

Today without marijuana, I can see myself becoming more patient. I am more motivated and do not procrastinate nearly as much as I used to. I remember things, like what I need to do that day or where I left my keys. My girlfriend tells me she can see the clarity in my eyes. She also tells me my mood swings aren’t so severe. And, I am much easier to talk to.

Some of the regulars at the meetings have started to recognize me. They hug me when I walk in and ask how I’m doing. I can honestly say people are genuine to me, and it really feels good. I look forward to going to these meetings and seeing certain people. They, the meetings and the people, make me feel better about myself. They help take the shame away. There is always at least one person that can relate to whatever I say within those rooms.”

A twist of fate helped him recognize marijuana was a real problem. Stop & ask yourself whether or not you might be more alert in your life without the daily use of marijuana….

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