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It’s hard to believe I’ve been at this for five years. I’m passionate about my work with people and this is another outlet. So many of our friends are retiring & I can’t even begin to imagine wanting that.

I watched The Big C while I caught up on billing for 2013 & really enjoyed Paul’s (Oliver Platt) enthusiasm for blogging. Paul is thrilled to say; “I get readers from around the world” which really is one of the coolest parts. Then I fell into deep envy as Susan Sarandon helps publicize his blog so that he gets thousands of readers in a day.

I like thinking about my work and how to translate it in a way that might interest an audience.

It’s similar to coming up with ways to help clients remember what happens in the 45 minute session, how to make it stick. I often write on index cards so there is something tangible to take out of the office. Blogging is tangible because it is the typed word that you can return to.

Writing a blog is to try to make an idea stick in the memory. It’s a way to expand the work of my website. I didn’t build the website or the blog for marketing. I want information out in the world to resonate & make you think about your choices. Especially about choices in the tricky business of improving relationships.

The part that is so often missing in my blog are the specific stories of the people I work with. Of course, this is necessary for confidentiality. It is sad that readers miss out on the details of their courage, humanity in mistakes and the marvelous transition as people really do change……..if they want to!

How lucky I am to have a front row seat to people’s honest efforts. I respect the trying because that’s what matters. As the T.S.Eliot line says “There is only the trying. The rest is not our business.”

For me, that’s what blogging is about, the trying.


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