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A post on personal growth received the most views in one day for my blog so I decided it was a good idea to build a new web page.

Life is made up of our choices. We all make choices every day. We can make our bodies healthy or not, we can improve our emotional life in our hearts or not & we can work at using our intelligence or not. It is my observation that we can only do all 3 spread out over a lifetime. Personal growth is about paying attention to all three.

Change almost always begins with the ability to be more honest with yourself. It’s rare to be able to be as honest as we need to be without help. Help can come from a stranger, from a lover, from an ex-partner or a therapist. Honesty can often be a real pinch to your heart, surrounded by oh my this can’t be true, is it?

Finding the courage to grow means acquiring a willingness to be uncomfortable.

Avoiding discomfort & taking the easy way out are powerful forces in our culture. Honesty demands that you deal with realities & letting go of illusions built on false expectations. The expectations we hold most dearly can impede letting go: “My kid won’t end up close to death in an ER because of drugs or alcohol.” “My husband wouldn’t have an affair even if I have ignored sex for a year.” “My girlfriend would never just be telling me what I want to hear.” or fill in the blank…….

The lies we tell ourselves can be toxic avenues of comfort.

The new page is titled: Personal Growth & Reality…..because these two are inextricably bound together.

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