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This Podcast is based on 40+ years of my working with couples. There are 10-15 minute episodes of substance on what relationships require to survive.I also offer you challenges of things you can actually do in your own relationship & there are interviews with experts.

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sex life, sexuality, sex problems, low desire, sex issues
Podcast # 60: Sex Life Boost Needed for Your Relationship? Low Desire Problem?

disappointment, disappointed, disappointments, feelings, partnership, relationships
Podcast # 59: Disappointment & Exaggerated Feelings Can Destroy Relationships

communicate, communication, stories, communicatebetter, podcast
Podcast # 58: Communicate Better By Understanding The Stories We Tell Ourselves

anger, arguments, fighting, argue, angry, relationships, anger management
Podcast # 57: Anger Management & Relationships

infidelity, affair, affairs, cheating, forgiveness, infidelity forgiveness
Podcast # 56: Infidelity & Forgiveness; Interview with Dr. Janis Spring

date, dating, dating advice, dating tips, together
Podcast # 55: Dating & Learn To Love Bravely; Interview with Dr.Solomon

misery, partners, miserable, couples, marriage, married, relationship
Podcast # 54: Misery In Your Relationship & 10 Ways To Fix It

Podcast # 53: Fighting Can Improve Your Relationship & Be Useful

manipulated, manipulatedmatches, manipulation, relationship, relationships
Podcast # 52: Manipulated & Overly Generous in Relationships?

love, authentic, EFT, communication, relationship, relationships, togetherness, couples, communicate, loving
Podcast # 51: Love & Emotionally Focused Therapy with Dr. Susan Johnson

sexuality, sex, orgasm, sex life, sexual issues, sexual frustration
Podcast # 50: Sexuality for Women Can Be Improved! Interview with Emily Nagoski

Podcast # 49: Partners Can Co-Create Their Relationship Episode #49 (Interview)

Podcast # 48: Codependency Can Mean Someone Gets Lost & The Relationship is Lopsided

partnership, partners, marriage, married, marriages, couples, relationship,relationships, podcast
Podcast # 47: Partnership & Marriage are Fragile Craft

relationship, topdog, relationships, together, healthy couples, liveauthentic, truthis, truths, truth
Podcast # 46: Truth Can Vanish in a Top Dog Relationship, Are You in One?

Love, Luv, Attention, Disappoint, Disappointment, married, partnership, couples, partners, relationships
Podcast # 45: LOVE Means Paying Attention & Accepting Disappointment

ambivalent, ambivalence, partnership, married, partners, relationships, marriage, relationship
Podcast # 44: Ambivalent About Marriage & Relationships?: Wondering Whether to Leave or Stay?

power, power struggles, arguing, fighting, problems, issues, married, marriage, podcast
Podcast # 43: Power Struggles are Underneath Relationship Problems

together, couples, critical, criticism, curiosity, dialogue, intimacy, relationship, relationships, trust, trusted
Podcast # 42: Together & How to Make it Last (Interview)

insecure, insecurities, insecurity, relationship, relationshipgoals, couples, communicate
Podcast # 41: Insecurities & How they Contaminate Relationships

marriagegoals, relationship, couples, communicate, married, relationshipgoals, couplesgoals
Podcast # 40: What Everybody Ought to Know for Relationship Survival

grief, grieving, loss, widow, widower, death, grieve, podcast
Podcast # 39: Grief & Loss Survival in Relationships (Interview)

blended family, stepfamily, stepfamilies, blended families
Podcast # 38: Blended Families, Stepfamilies; A Map to Understanding (Interview)

Pornography Addiction,Porn, Porn Addict,pornography, relationships, couples
Podcast # 37: Pornography Addiction, Why it Should Worry You in Relationships! (Interview)

Connection, disconnection, disconnected, podcast, relationships,couplesgoals,couples
Podcast # 36: Connection & Disconnection, Learn How it Works in Relationships

personality disorders, P.D.,relationship,relationships,couples
Podcast # 35: Personality Disorders in Relationships (& Understanding Manipulation)

Boring, Boredom, Relationship,Excite, Relationships
Podcast # 34: Boring Relationship? & How to Fix it & Get Out of the Rut

trust, dating, rebuilding trust, marriage, broken trust, trust in a relationship
Podcast # 33: Trust DEMANDS a Softening in Attitude

responsibility, podcast, relationship, relationships, couples, podcaster
Podcast # 32: Relationships Demand Personal Responsibility (Interview)

relationship survival, relationships, communication, trust, truth, sacrifice, couples
Podcast # 31: 15 Ways to Encourage Relationship Survival/Learn here How to Make Your Relationship Last

contempt, contemptuous, couples, relationship, relationships, couples, power
Podcast # 30: Contempt Takes 2 in a Relationship, it’s a Power Play

people-pleasing,pleaser,people pleaser, trust, podcast, relationship
Podcast # 29: People-pleasers are a Danger in Relationships

contentment, relationship, podcast, marriage, couples, relationships
Podcast # 28: What Destroys Contentment in Relationships?

Anger Management, How to Control Anger, Control Anger, relationships, relationship
Podcast # 27: Anger Management to Grow Relationships

relationship, marriage, communication, connection, couples, relationships, together
Podcast # 26: Relationships, Keeping it Real with Rhoda

communication, power, relationship, marriage, couples, relationships, power struggles
Podcast # 25: Power is the Biggest Obstacle to Relationship Success?

dating tips, dating advice, good dating advice, relationship advice for singles, best dating tips for men, dating women tips
Podcast # 24: Dating Advice; What Everybody Needs to Know

relationship, truth,authentic,couples,healthy choices,live authentic, relationship goals
Podcast # 23: Relationship Success; What is the #1 Secret?

Podcast # 22: How to Be a TEAM in a Relationship

relationships, relationship 101,relationships, unhappy marriage, love problems, relationship difficulties, communication in marriage, couples communication,couple problems
Podcast # 21: Relationships are a Dance in the Messiness

People v. O.J. Simpson, O.J.,Drama, Manipulation, Relationships,Victim,O.J. Simpson
Podcast # 20: Drama & O.J. in Relationships

relationships,relationships101,vulnerability,healthy couples,relationship,healthy couples
Podcast # 19: Relationships Require Vulnerability

Podcast # 18: Relationships Require We Recognize Our Own Dark Side

Relationship, Relationships, Connection, Communication,relationship problems,relationship
Podcast # 17: We All Want A Relationship With a Clone

relationship,communication,relationships,problems,healthy relationships,couples
Podcast # 16: How to Approach Difficult Problems

relationship,communication,relationships,problems,healthy relationships,couples
Podcast # 15: Obsessive Partners Can be Annoying in Relationships

The Affair, Showtime, Relationshops, Divorce,Marriage,Affair
Podcast # 14: Emotional Truths Revealed in Showtime’s The Affair

relationships,relationships after recovery,marriage & alcohol recovery,sober living,addictions & recovery, recovery & addictions, substance abuse, repair marriage after addictions
Podcast # 13: Relationships After Addiction

Drama, manipulation, relationships, manipulated, emotional manipulation,manipulative people,relationship triangles
Podcast # 12: The Drama Triangle & Manipulation Part 2

Podcast # 11: Manipulation & Relationships Part 1

communication,relationships,effective communication,communication styles,communication in relationships,connection
Podcast # 10: Communication & Connection Part 2

communication,relationships,effective communication,communication styles,communication in relationships
Podcast # 9: Communication, Want to Fix it?

arguing couples,couples fight,couple fighting,fighting couples,conflict, argument,arguments
Podcast # 8: How to Argue Better

Better Sex life, improving sex, low desire, sex, sex life, sex missing, sex matters
Podcast # 7: Missing Out on Sex?

Codependence, Codependency, Relationships, People Pleasing, Anxiety
Podcast # 6: Codependence is Not Love in Relationships

conflict,fighting,blame,arguing,respect,relationship problems,relationship
Podcast # 5: Never Fighting in a Relationship is Bad

trust, respect, remorse, contempt, broken trust,relationship
Podcast # 4: When Trust is Broken in a Relationship

Affairs,infidelity,betrayal,adultery,forgiveness,relationships,relationship problems
Podcast # 3: Affairs- Blame is Only Part of the Answer

sadistic,masochistic,50 Shades of Grey,Whiplash,respect,relationships
Podcast # 2: Sadism & Masochism is All Too Ordinary in Relationships

expectations,resentments,relationship problems,relationship quotes,couples quotes,marriage quotes
Podcast # 1: Even Superman Can’t Guess What Lois Lane Really Wants


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