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This Podcast is based on 40 years of my working with couples. There are 10-15 minute episodes of substance on what relationships require to survive.I also offer you challenges of things you can actually do in your own relationship. There are also podcast interviews with experts.

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Podcast # 46: Truth if You are a Top Dog or Do You Cooperate in a Top Dog Relationship?

Love, Luv, Attention, Disappoint, Disappointment, married, partnership, couples, partners, relationships
Podcast # 45: LOVE Means Paying Attention & Accepting Disappointment

ambivalent, ambivalence, partnership, married, partners, relationships, marriage, relationship
Podcast # 44: Ambivalent About Marriage & Relationships?: Wondering Whether to Leave or Stay?

power, power struggles, arguing, fighting, problems, issues, married, marriage, podcast
Podcast # 43: Power Struggles are Underneath Relationship Problems

together, couples, critical, criticism, curiosity, dialogue, intimacy, relationship, relationships, trust, trusted
Podcast # 42: Together & How to Make it Last (Interview)

insecure, insecurities, insecurity, relationship, relationshipgoals, couples, communicate
Podcast # 41: Insecurities & How they Contaminate Relationships

marriagegoals, relationship, couples, communicate, married, relationshipgoals, couplesgoals
Podcast # 40: What Everybody Ought to Know for Relationship Survival

grief, grieving, loss, widow, widower, death, grieve, podcast
Podcast # 39: Grief & Loss Survival in Relationships (Interview)

blended family, stepfamily, stepfamilies, blended families
Podcast # 38: Blended Families, Stepfamilies; A Map to Understanding (Interview)

Pornography Addiction,Porn, Porn Addict,pornography, relationships, couples
Podcast # 37: Pornography Addiction, Why it Should Worry You in Relationships! (Interview)

Connection, disconnection, disconnected, podcast, relationships,couplesgoals,couples
Podcast # 36: Connection & Disconnection, Learn How it Works in Relationships

personality disorders, P.D.,relationship,relationships,couples
Podcast # 35: Personality Disorders in Relationships (& Understanding Manipulation)

Boring, Boredom, Relationship,Excite, Relationships
Podcast # 34: Boring Relationship? & How to Fix it & Get Out of the Rut

trust, dating, rebuilding trust, marriage, broken trust, trust in a relationship
Podcast # 33: Trust DEMANDS a Softening in Attitude

responsibility, podcast, relationship, relationships, couples, podcaster
Podcast # 32: Relationships Demand Personal Responsibility (Interview)

relationship survival, relationships, communication, trust, truth, sacrifice, couples
Podcast # 31: 15 Ways to Encourage Relationship Survival/Learn here How to Make Your Relationship Last

contempt, contemptuous, couples, relationship, relationships, couples, power
Podcast # 30: Contempt Takes 2 in a Relationship, it’s a Power Play

people-pleasing,pleaser,people pleaser, trust, podcast, relationship
Podcast # 29: People-pleasers are a Danger in Relationships

contentment, relationship, podcast, marriage, couples, relationships
Podcast # 28: What Destroys Contentment in Relationships?

Anger Management, How to Control Anger, Control Anger, relationships, relationship
Podcast # 27: Anger Management to Grow Relationships

relationship, marriage, communication, connection, couples, relationships, together
Podcast # 26: Relationships, Keeping it Real with Rhoda

communication, power, relationship, marriage, couples, relationships, power struggles
Podcast # 25: Power is the Biggest Obstacle to Relationship Success?

dating tips, dating advice, good dating advice, relationship advice for singles, best dating tips for men, dating women tips
Podcast # 24: Dating Advice; What Everybody Needs to Know

relationship, truth,authentic,couples,healthy choices,live authentic, relationship goals
Podcast # 23: Relationship Success; What is the #1 Secret?

Podcast # 22: How to Be a TEAM in a Relationship

relationships, relationship 101,relationships, unhappy marriage, love problems, relationship difficulties, communication in marriage, couples communication,couple problems
Podcast # 21: Relationships are a Dance in the Messiness

People v. O.J. Simpson, O.J.,Drama, Manipulation, Relationships,Victim,O.J. Simpson
Podcast # 20: Drama & O.J. in Relationships

relationships,relationships101,vulnerability,healthy couples,relationship,healthy couples
Podcast # 19: Relationships Require Vulnerability

Podcast # 18: Relationships Require We Recognize Our Own Dark Side

Relationship, Relationships, Connection, Communication,relationship problems,relationship
Podcast # 17: We All Want A Relationship With a Clone

relationship,communication,relationships,problems,healthy relationships,couples
Podcast # 16: How to Approach Difficult Problems

relationship,communication,relationships,problems,healthy relationships,couples
Podcast # 15: Obsessive Partners Can be Annoying in Relationships

The Affair, Showtime, Relationshops, Divorce,Marriage,Affair
Podcast # 14: Emotional Truths Revealed in Showtime’s The Affair

relationships,relationships after recovery,marriage & alcohol recovery,sober living,addictions & recovery, recovery & addictions, substance abuse, repair marriage after addictions
Podcast # 13: Relationships After Addiction

Drama, manipulation, relationships, manipulated, emotional manipulation,manipulative people,relationship triangles
Podcast # 12: The Drama Triangle & Manipulation Part 2

Podcast # 11: Manipulation & Relationships Part 1

communication,relationships,effective communication,communication styles,communication in relationships,connection
Podcast # 10: Communication & Connection Part 2

communication,relationships,effective communication,communication styles,communication in relationships
Podcast # 9: Communication, Want to Fix it?

arguing couples,couples fight,couple fighting,fighting couples,conflict, argument,arguments
Podcast # 8: How to Argue Better

Better Sex life, improving sex, low desire, sex, sex life, sex missing, sex matters
Podcast # 7: Missing Out on Sex?

Codependence, Codependency, Relationships, People Pleasing, Anxiety
Podcast # 6: Codependence is Not Love in Relationships

conflict,fighting,blame,arguing,respect,relationship problems,relationship
Podcast # 5: Never Fighting in a Relationship is Bad

trust, respect, remorse, contempt, broken trust,relationship
Podcast # 4: When Trust is Broken

Affairs,infidelity,betrayal,adultery,forgiveness,relationships,relationship problems
Podcast # 3: Affairs- Blame is Only Part of the Answer

sadistic,masochistic,50 Shades of Grey,Whiplash,respect,relationships
Podcast # 2: Sadism & Masochism is All Too Ordinary in Relationships

expectations,resentments,relationship problems,relationship quotes,couples quotes,marriage quotes
Podcast # 1: Even Superman Can’t Guess What Lois Lane Really Wants


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