So often in relationships we are quick to focus our unhappiness on our partner. It’s their fault things don’t get better, right? It’s way too easy to blame others & not look at ourselves. Today I  invited Dr. Abby Medcalf on the show because I like her convictions about looking at yourself & what you […]

Silent Resentments & Unasked Questions Are Engines of Unhappiness

Stop & think about how many times you paint a picture in your head about somebody else & later you find out how wrong you really were. We all use the shortcut of making assumptions to fill in the gaps. You know what they say about assumptions & it’s so true! We avoid the “risk” […]


Trauma deeply challenges our sense of safety and security in the world, which often has an impact on relationships. It’s natural for those who have suffered trauma to feel that building close relationships is frightening because they don’t want to experience more hurt. Someone who is coping with trauma may feel disconnected from themselves as […]

Responding Instead of Reacting When Communicating

Responding is harder to do because it is more complicated than simply defensively reacting. This episode will help you think about how to respond to your partner. Respecting your partner is all about responding & reacting is only all about you. […]

Erectile Dysfunction & Male Sexual Avoidance

Erectile Dysfunction impacts relationships & couples don’t know how to talk about it & don’t have enough information about it, so today is all about correcting this problem. Just a few statistics: In 2018 the National Institute of Health estimated that ED affects about 1/3 of men. […]


Money & sex are the two things couples argue most about. Most couples don’t want to talk about it because they fight. Budgets are like diets, they don’t work. Learn here how to think about a spending plan. Instead of beating yourselves up for your past attempts at trying to talk about money, try acknowledging where […]

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