Dating Advice To Find Success In Love

Dating is a lot of work! It is all too easy to end up discouraged & want to give up because someone else has once again not followed through & just disappeared. Family & friends often don’t appreciate how painful & difficult the process of dating can be. There is so much pressure to find […]


Anger is an important tool in the emotional toolbox & the most misunderstood of emotions. Anger gives you energy to burn , it can be a rocket ship to get you out of a bad relationship. Anger is used to be unfair, to mistreat others & to make certain you maintain control. Anger can give […]

Obsessive Doubt About Relationships & The Fear Of Commitment

Do you obsess over your partner’s flaws? Does thinking about the future of your relationship leave you imagining the worst-case scenario? When it comes to navigating the world of romantic relationships, some feelings of anxiety, doubt, and fear are to be expected. But if your fears so extreme that they threaten to destroy an otherwise […]


A collection of wisdom on making relationships work over the decades. You’ve heard me say often “Love is wanting to be a better person for your partner.” So partnerships grow us into better versions of ourselves. There is purpose to being in relationships & it’s not about having an audience to applaud you. It’s about […]


Everybody deals with insecurity & it has a huge negative impact on relationships. The focus for those who are insecure is what’s wrong with my partner? Secure attachment, is not about playing games, you’re not trying to win or have power over the other person. It’s not a perfect situation. Secure attachment means you’re able to […]

Intercultural Relationships & Understanding the Complexity

In intercultural & in interracial relationships as well, you don’t always know what you’re getting yourself into. Often, it takes several years, several challenges, a lot of conflict within couples to really figure out what it is that seems to be the issue or why it even is an issue… Both individuals can maintain their cultural identities […]

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