What Gay Couples Have to Teach Us About Monogamy & Open Relationships (Interview)

In doing research for this episode I came across a June/2020 NYT article that Gay Couples could teach straight couples how to improve arguing. So I loved the idea of pursuing an episode on how gay couples have insights to offer all couples. This is an interview with Michael Dale Kimmel author of The Gay […]

Manipulators & Being Manipulated In Relationships (Interview)

Manipulators, regardless of where they are on the spectrum, find people to manipulate who have a real habit of looking outward far too much. Someone who is manipulated has all their attention and energy focused on what is the manipulator going to do next? How are they going to react if I say, or do […]


Divorce is letting the obstacles pile up to create a grand canyon of distance. Nobody lives in a paradise of love & agreement. If they do it’s still the beginnings or it’s a false reality where one person is swallowing too much or withholding who they really are. Loving enjoyment of each other combined with […]

Attachment Theory & Relationships (Interview)

Attachment theory is important because it’s going to help you to understand your own relationships. Information is power and recognizing yourself in one of these attachment styles could really improve your future. This episode is an interview with Annie Chen. Share the Love & Spread the Word PLEASE Tweet or SHARE on Facebook (sooooo helpful)Subscribe on […]

Codependency, Let’s Think About It As Self Love Deficiency (Interview) Episode #68

Codependency is self love deficiency; this is the new definition created by my guest Ross Rosenberg. This offers us a fresh way of thinking about codependency that can suggest guideposts as to what might be the beginning of real change so the same old mistakes won’t get repeated. Share the Love & Spread the Word […]

Quarantine Life & Relationship Survival

Share the Love & Spread the Word PLEASE Tweet or SHARE on Facebook (sooooo helpful)Subscribe on Apple Podcasts: HERE & please leave a review. or Google Podcasts or Anywhere Podcasts are Heard! Spotify, Pandora Alexa etc. THANKS! Quarantine can be very tough on relationships. Economic fears & unpaid bills can contribute to the problems. You […]