Relationships can be very confusing. We are taught reading, science, history & if we are lucky sex ed but not anything about what creates trust, why repair is important or how to communicate especially when we are vulnerable. Learning about connections, how to build them & keep them is sorely missing. This episode will fill […]

How To Make Conflict Work For Real Intimacy

We all believe it is ideal not to fight, this is a complete fantasy. The only way to have real intimacy is to be authentic about our differences instead of swallowing our secret truth. We all want to avoid the messiness of conflict and being uncomfortable which is short term thinking. We all make excuses […]

Embracing Conflict To Improve Your Relationships

People love to avoid conflict because it is messy. Conflict makes people uncomfortable and they don’t like not knowing what will happen. Conflict is really important to growing up. My definition of growing up is honestly facing painful situations. Conflict offers an opportunity to grow up, and it’s certainly not easy. Learn in this episode […]


There are different ways for couples to be connected; mutual religion as a shared values system, all the many physical activities of tennis, rock climbing, dancing or kayaking. Having shared connections of the ways you enjoy life together really matters. I do suspect that music is the most shared cultural activity by couples. So today […]

Ingredients for Relationship Longevity; Imagination, Attention & Gumption

Longevity in relationships slips so easily through our fingers, it’s not a simple or small achievement, unless one partner is almost always submissive & not resentful about their wants being ignored. Two adults who are equal in sharing power over priorities, values & decision making have to be involved in constant work together over the […]

Empowering Men To Understand Problems In Relationships

This episode is for men who want to do better but don’t begin or to know how & their partners who love them.  Women often feel misunderstood & men feel like “What more can I do?” and giving up becomes the path with the least pain attached. This episode is to give men guidance on how […]

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The nitty gritty about what relationships require to survive presented by a psychotherapist of 40+ years of experience. The episodes are 20-30 minutes of substance without any ads.