Quarantine Life & Relationship Survival

Share the Love & Spread the Word PLEASE Tweet or SHARE on Facebook (sooooo helpful)Subscribe on Apple Podcasts: HERE & please leave a review. or Google Podcasts or Anywhere Podcasts are Heard! Spotify, Pandora Alexa etc. THANKS! Quarantine can be very tough on relationships. Economic fears & unpaid bills can contribute to the problems. You […]

Relationships Require The Benefit Of The Doubt

Relationships so easily end up in feeling critical of your partner or annoyed, that’s because living together exposes us to the other person’s dark side. Unfortunately our brains are programmed to hang onto the negatives so we don’t end up being eaten by lions, tigers or bears. Our brains encourage us to indulge our negativity. […]

Partners Who Take Up All the Space In A Relationship & A Marriage Story (The Movie)

Marriage is work because it’s a very tricky business for a marriage to get things right for BOTH people. That’s why marriage is hard work. The movie A Marriage Story gets a lot of things right. You watch how both Charlie & Nicole have responsibility for the demise of the marriage. LISTEN TO PODCAST HERE: […]

Safety Has Exaggerated Importance in Relationships

Safety is a way we lie to ourselves about what will work to have a better life. We clutch at believing it is safer to avoid talking about problems with our partners. Choices made for safety are always choices made out of fear. Safety is about the false comfort that false beliefs offer. Share the […]

Babies & Their Impact On Relationships (Interview)

Babies arriving home, don’t have to erase relationships. Episode 63. Thanks so much for listening. We all love babies, they are so great and they’re so wonderful and they’re also tiny bloodsuckers that demand enormous time and energy from parents. My guest today is Joni Parthemer who is going to share her ideas of how […]

Choices & Their Impact On Relationships

Choices define our lives & our relationships. Many of the choices we make are done without thinking or awareness because they are habits. What makes you more mentally healthy is being aware of having choices and making them. Listen & learn what choices will improve your relationship.  Share the Love & Spread the Word! PLEASE Tweet or […]

This Podcast is based on 40+ years of my working with couples. There are 10-15 minute episodes of substance on what relationships require to survive. I also offer you challenges of things you can actually do in your own relationship & there are interviews with experts.