Infidelity & Forgiveness; Interview with Dr. Janis Spring

Infidelity is complicated & difficult to heal from. Dr Spring wrote the first book that defines infidelity as a loss of trust & a shattering of the self. The person who has been betrayed struggles to recapture their sense of themselves. The partner who had the affair needs to listen non-defensively, without interruption to the […]

Dating & Learn To Love Bravely; Interview with Dr.Solomon

Dating to learn more about yourself. Don’t stay in the safety of passivity, watching who they are. Dates can be practice to grow. Think of “every intimate partnership as a classroom in which I can learn again and again about myself, about commitment, about integrity, about authenticity, forgiveness & about apology.” Quote & Interview with […]

Misery In Your Relationship & 10 Ways To Fix It

Misery can so easily build in any relationship. Each of you might have bad luck in your job or you are exhausted by the needs of an infant. Misery zaps your energy to think & it’s easy to indulge your sad, sorrowful feelings. The two of you as a couple can fall to the bottom […]

Fighting Can Improve Your Relationship & Be Useful

Fighting can be turned into recovery & intimate coversations. Dan Wile says that the heart of a couple’s relationship is saying what you need to say and feeling that it has gotten across. It is having conversations that work out. He goes on to say; people start acting crazy, confused, offensive, and in desperate ways […]

Manipulated & Overly Generous in Relationships?

Manipulated in relationships because you are overly generous? This is a classic problem that you are participating in. Listen to learn how to interrupt your participation. >Share the Love & Spread the Word PLEASE Tweet or SHARE on Facebook (sooooo helpful)Subscribe on Apple Podcasts: HERE & please leave a review. THANKS!!!!! PLEASE LISTEN ABOVE or […]

Love & Emotionally Focused Therapy with Dr. Susan Johnson

Love matters so much to people, how it goes wrong & how to put it right. Emotionally Focused Therapy  is based on thousands of studies on human attachment, it basically gives us a way of understanding love. It’s scary to reach for your partner and expose your softer feelings, because we’re all scared of rejection and […]

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This Podcast is based on 40+ years of my working with couples. There are 10-15 minute episodes of substance on what relationships require to survive. I also offer you challenges of things you can actually do in your own relationship & there are interviews with experts.