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I haven’t written a blog post in two weeks because I’ve been intensely working on a new design for the website which I began this summer. Other companies are involved & it’s been a long process.

I started the site on a vacation ten years ago, at an apartment in Rehoboth Beach (which out of season was $59 a night). I placed piles of papers everywhere there was a square inch of space & I worked to make it a flow of information in accessible language. I wanted people to have an opportunity to learn more about themselves & their relationships. Personal growth opportunities for free.

There are two stories I will tell that are part of the website update. A woman in the neighborhood who is a con artist offered to do website work and I believed her. She was very convincing and I foolishly listened, giving her money when she asked even though no work had been done.

I am sharing this particular story because it illustrates the power of the yin & yang which resides in almost every human interaction. While she was a thief who stole from me, she also had two excellent ideas. I was pondering pictures for the site & considering gardens or bamboo to suggest serenity but not really connecting to them.

Caci suggested I use pictures of Pittsburgh which made me happy. I went out and took pictures of Pittsburgh & I really connect with these pictures. I’m very proud that Pittsburgh is my home & consider it a great city.

She also made a second suggestion, that I create a Pittsburgh Community Page. Which I’m not sure I would have thought of on my own. So I am grateful she arrived on our doorstep despite the cost.

So much of life is complicated, not simply bad or good, but often a mixture of both.

Another story is about the extra effort my husband put in to help me think through making the video. I’d worked a very long day & I get a text from him at 9:30pm “We need to talk about the video.” I sigh because I’m beat & it’s the last thing I want to think about because the video guy will be there the next am at 9:30am.

My husband had spent a lot of time looking at other therapist videos & he’d reread some of my blog posts. “These other therapists are all about self promotion in their videos & that’s not what you’re about.” We stayed up until 1:30am fleshing out a new way to go about the video content.

I didn’t even get crabby because I knew he was right. He’s really got my back.

I hope you enjoy the new fresh appearance of the website which also makes space for the blog on the home page. You can visit it @ therapyidea You can also like it because it has a new Facebook page of it’s own.

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