Relationships Demand Personal Responsibility (Interview)

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Responsibility in relationships means seeing yourself as an individual so you can see the other person more clearly. Learn more here.


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Marcia is clear that you have to have a relationship with self in order to make relationships work.
She offers a way to think about what is NOT ME and what is ME. You have to begin to understand how to take care of yourself to develop a solid sense of self.

Marcia deems it important to let go of your expectations of others & you are more likely to have relationship success.

Marcia suggests that couples improve communication by active listening. We tend to be self absorbed in our own point of view instead of trying harder to understand the other.

Marcia makes the delightful point that “Love is not a noun, it is a verb.” She asks that couples show up with love to their encounters & own what is yours. She asks that couples take action to demonstrate love.

BOOKS that Marcia suggests:

Love by Leo Buscaglia

Loving Each Other by Leo Buscaglia

Five Good Minutes With the One You Love by Jeffrey Brantley, MD, Wendy Millstine, NC

LINKS for Further Information:

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