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“Civilization grew in the beginning from the minute that we had communication — particularly communication by sea that enabled people to get inspiration and ideas from each other…” – Thor Heyerdahl

Mental Health Online Resources:

  • Alcohol Quiz – 20 questions on alcohol abuse or dependance screening for serious problems
  • Alzheimer’s Information – Support & educations for the family & caregiver of Alzheimer’s patients
  • – The American Chronic Pain Association
  • – Run by Dr. Reid Wison, it is the largest free anxiety self-help site on the internet
  • BPD Resource Borderline Personality Disorder Resource Center
  • Baby Center – Baby/Toddler information for new parents
  • Bipolar Disorder – Detailed information of Bipolar Disorder from the National Institute of Mental Health
  • Codependency information page – by Mental Health America
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline1-800-273-8255
  • – Depression & related affective disorders association
  • Drinking – How to cut down on drinking
  • Eating Disorders – COPE is the Center for Overcoming Problem Eating at WPIC in Pittsburgh
  • Help for Depression – 47 Depression Treatment Options
  • Mindless Eating – Behavioral help with diets
  • Mint – Free and easy to use help with money and budgets
  • Mental Health Channel – Comprehensive trustworthy information regarding mental health
  • Mental Wellness – Support and Information for Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective, and Bipolar Disorder
  • – One of the most popular mental health websites. Includes online screening & self diagnosis tools
  • OCD – Complete information on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder & support groups
  • OCD Levels of hoarding – Levels of hoarding: some guidelines for recognizing the problem
  • OCD UK – Includes a 34 minute video of a 4 step process to utilize in interrupting obsessiveness or ocd
  • Med PPD – Education on postpartum depression.
  • PTSD Myths – Corrects myths & provides information on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Psychnet – A site from the UK with tons of educational information
  • SAST – Sexual Addiction Screening Test
  • Sexaholics Anonymous – Sexaholics Anonymous Self-Test
  • – Learn excellent money management skills here
  • World Schizophrenia – International organization dedicated to lessening problems with news updates. Includes a section on stigma & discrimination
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