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Do you fall into a pattern of being manipulated by people who only pretend to have your best interest at heart? 

If you answer yes to these questions this course is for you.

Do you believe the lyrics of the old Dean Martin Song; “You’re Nobody Until Somebody Loves You?”
Could you be convinced to leave your friends behind & end up isolated because you love someone?
How desperate are you to be loved?
Do you find it difficult to set limits & boundaries?
Do you suffer from exaggerated guilt?
You don’t feel appreciated in your own life & you are hungry for more?
Are you too eager to forgive?

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You will learn to stop hanging onto false hopes & no longer ignore your own suspicious inner voice?

You will learn NOT to swallow your anger.

You will learn to interrupt your pattern of being over responsible.

You will stop feeling lost in relationships.

You will no longer be so easily taken in by others, give up being too sappy?

You will no longer allow others to suffocate your own spirit or creativity?

You will stop minimizing your problems in relationships & no longer avoid addressing them?

Everyone manipulates to get what they want. Even three-year-olds. Emotional manipulators, take it to a whole another level. They play games to make sure they have power in the relationship. They say the words, so you believe them, and then there’s no follow through, no actions. 
When you address the problem of no actions, you end up being blamed. Then you become the problem, because you did something wrong. They never do anything wrong. You begin to feel disappointing and not good enough. Your focus becomes all about them, so they don’t get angry. 
You dance so carefully on the eggshells, never, ever pleasing them enough, stop and consider how you go about relationships, and participating in letting others take advantage of you. Real change requires understanding, how all the layers of not feeling good enough about yourself have ended up in you being manipulated. 
When you feel less than, you are preparing yourself to be manipulated, because you have set yourself up to be emotionally dependent on someone else to feel okay. I’m going to say that again. You have set yourself up to be emotionally dependent on someone else to feel okay. NOT a good idea. 
What’s the opposite of being emotionally dependent? To be more whole, more self-reliant, to interrupt the ugliness you feel about yourself. Take this course to learn more about how to go about doing those things and to stop being manipulated.

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This was my first time doing a course for therapy. I haven’t had lots of luck with romantic relationships and got to the point where I was done with them completely. This course helped me progress even further in the comfort of my own home & I never got bored or frustrated with it. The exercises and homework let you further explore and confront your problem spots while giving you tools to improve. It addressed a lot of aspects of relationships. With it, I have been able to improve myself. It helped me gain more self respect, confidence, improved mental health and ways to deal with problems when they occur. I can finally say I’m ready to take another chance with dating and see where it goes.

R. Porter

Rhoda shares the insights I needed in a direct, blunt yet kind way that helped me feel better about myself. She breaks down big changes into manageable steps that I can make happen. Really down to earth. Really good & worth it!


I learned I’m an anxious attacher & how I’ve gone after distancers instead of controlling my own anxiety to wait for someone worthwhile. The dating course explained a lot about why things haven’t worked out for me in the past.


Dating has been so discouraging to me. Rhoda’s course gave me hope again & new ways to think so that I can get out of my own way! I learned a lot.


Dating isn’t easy to keep doing. I love the idea of practicing being more authentic on dates. Thinking more about how I push people away was really helpful. Really glad I took the course & think I’ll try another one!


I felt really bad about myself because I’ve been with 2 manipulative partners. I don’t believe I really recognized I had choices until taking this course. What a lot to learn about drama!


I learned a lot about finding my own voice. I made too many excuses for people & forgave so easily that I began to feel lost & invisible. I feel like now I have a fresh start because of the course.


I especially appreciated all the ways to think about having true power within myself. It’s been a long road to having more self respect but Rhoda’s course gave me new ways to think about it & practical ideas to pursue.