The more interesting people are the more likely they are to be open to all kinds of opportunities to be creative. The triggers for creativity are varied: Economic problems in Greece help people create ways to cope with new evolving bartering networks, with Putin to remain in power many Russians are becoming creative by emigrating & the desire to win despite not having a payroll lead Billy Beane to win using data creatively as outlined in the movie, Moneyball.

In 2003 I found myself wanting to reach a wider audience to teach therapeutic points that are illustrated in books & movies. I started my website In 2009 I decided to begin blogging as a way of sharing more details to an even wider audience.

In middle school I used to interview other students about friendship and then I would craft books of their responses with cardboard covers & embroidered titles & then I wrapped them carefully in plastic wrap. So now I pursue this childhood interest by writing as an adult through the resources of the internet.

Creativity can be as simple as having two locations for clients to choose from. In good weather creativity, creative process, creative thinking, is-creativity, creative memoriesthere is a back porch with a confidentiality wisteria twining vine for anonymity. Many of my clients are delighted to have an option.

I encourage people to write to their children or grandchildren in blank books. It’s a simple way to create a legacy of stories, that would otherwise be forgotten over time. This is something I have been doing for my own children since before they arrived. It’s one of my proudest accomplishments.

Two fantastic sources of creativity are boredom & mistakes. Remember being bored as a kid & it was up to you to solve it with something creative? It’s still the same process as an adult. Mistakes have to be tolerated & are often the beginnings of something new & exciting. Thomas Edison would not have been a fantastic inventor without all of his mistakes.

Frustration is another incubator for creativity. Back in 1980 when there were only 2 books written on sexual abuse & I headed up the Incest Program I developed two techniques to help people articulate their feelings on a very secret problem.

I was completely frustrated with how to break through the silence with respect for the victims of sexual abuse. I took a huge stack of index cards & wrote a different feeling word on each card. I’d ask clients to pull out cards that fit how they feel about what happened. It really helped people to get started in sharing.

Boomers are being more creative about retirement than their parents were. It’s not only about more time for golf…..It’s all about being more creative with the time & energy that is left.

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