Videos to help you learn more about improving relationships & how to back fear up so it stops strangling your life. You can decide to make your life even better than it is by watching these videos.

THIS FIRST VIDEO IS ABOUT ANXIETY & THE SECOND IS ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS (& then there are 4 more bits of video wisdom)

This video explains the answer to the question “What is anxiety?” The video offers two techniques to try to manage your fears. The best thing about anxiety is that you can decide to manage it, instead of it managing you. Fears need to be backed up to make the world a bigger place.

Anxiety is a fear of uncertainty. Anxiety is being determined to create certainty which feeds a need for control. Uncertainty makes people feel out of control. Uncertainty is scary & must be made bearable, both of these things are true at the same time. There is a lot to learn in order to live with the reality of uncertainty.

Don’t let Fears, Worry & Anxiety control you & shrink your world. Anxiety interrupts possibilities and your ability to grow. Embrace uncertainty & it will allow you to take risks.

“Fortune favors the bold” is an expression that has been repeated since medieval times. If you take risks and are willing to make mistakes then you create more opportunities. Find your courage to take risks & make your world bigger & you will never regret it. Eleanor Roosevelt said “Do one thing that scares you every day.”


Relationships are complicated. Learn tips to have success as a couple. Underneath communication problems are power struggles. Think about how to be a team. Try the more complicated business of how to understand someone even when you disagree.

Unspoken resentments are only one way to disconnect and create giant holes in the infrastructure of relationships. Resentments are impossible to avoid if one partner is always catering to the other. It’s all too easy to blame someone else instead of recognizing the part you play in contributing to the problems.

There are so many ways to disconnect & not enough information on how to repair relationships. Repair efforts really matter and they are most often neglected. This video offers advice on how to improve connections in your relationships.

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