Women: Listen to Yourselves

Top Chef Finale

Top Chef Finale

I watched the final episode of Top Chef with great anticipation, only to watch Carla who could cook with both soul & talent lose the contest. She lost as so many women do, by not listening to herself. It was heart breaking to watch. The worst part of it was that she made this same mistake in an earlier episode and didn’t learn from it.Her assistant chef (a loser from an earlier season) in the final contest made two suggestions which Carla followed instead of her original agenda. Neither suggestion was right for Carla. It’s heart breaking because this is what too many women do, they discover lies, smells, things that don’t add up and pretend it’s not true. When Women deny their own truth, they allow themselves to get lost. I know that many times depression in women is about not listening to themselves. I suspect Carla’s tears that night were about a pure, searing honesty with herself that this time she learned a very expensive lesson. Women stay in bad relationships too long. Women must find more courage to listen from within & believe. The voice that whispers “When will it be time for my needs?” or asks “Am I being used?” often has merit. Risk putting more truth on the table to find a relationship that’s worth it.

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