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Women often struggle to achieve orgasm because their thinking interferes with feeling their own sexual arousal. If a woman does not understand how to bring herself to orgasm it’s really unfair to expect your partner to solve the problem for you. It’s your body to learn about, it begins with you.

Testosterone & estrogen are two very different hormones. Often testosterone means sex is a constant desire on the daily menu of activities. Often women don’t appreciate, testosterone is a greater hormonal level of awareness that is demanding attention.

On the other hand, estrogen often allows sex to be sidelined. As one of men I work with put it “There’s so much going on in the day, then there is too much in their head at night.” Too often sex disappears as a relationship priority. Ignoring sex is not an option if you planning to last.

It is such a shame that it is sooo very difficult for most people to talk about sex. It’s as if everyone has bought into the fabrication that sex just emerges in some mysterious, natural way. Telling each other what works & what doesn’t, should be ordinary when two people love each other.

There are many recipes for further sexual disconnection: People are too tired, partners are reluctant to dialogue and no one asks questions when things change over time. Many antidepressants interfere with sex and partners just accept the void. Often one partner has been rejected so many times after initiating sex that they’ve given up trying.

It’s way too easy, to lose track of your sex life, by making assumptions it’s good enough.

There is a wonderful website with video podcasts to help women recover their orgasms & explore their sexuality. Last time I visited it, I learned that the clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings. I highly encourage a visit and I hope you will investigate the topic list on the left: www.dodsonandross.com

So tonight if you have someone you cuddle up to, risk asking them “How could sex be better for us?” or “What would improve our sex life?” Try maintaining a curiosity about what makes sex more interesting or successful for your partner & yourself.


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