Today we’re keeping it real with Rhoda about a topic that everyone can learn from. Whether you are discouraged about dating or questioning whether your relationship is good enough, we’ve got some great answers in our interview today. Love sets up a lot of expectations beginning with a Disney version of fairy tales, including romance […]


Connection is a tricky business. Creating and maintaining genuine connections within relationships is a multifaceted challenge that holds profound importance in our lives. The intricate dance of understanding, empathy, and communication often proves to be a mystery to all of us. Miscommunications, differing perspectives, and the complexities of individual personalities can leave us confused as […]

Healing from Within: Understanding Self-Forgiveness

Self-Forgiveness is an essential aspect of personal growth and well-being, as it enables individuals to move forward, heal, and cultivate a positive relationship with themselves. Forgiving oneself is important because it allows individuals to break free from the shackles of self-blame and regret. We all make mistakes, experience failures, and engage in behaviors we later […]


Our sex lives are too easy to leave behind. It’s so easy to make excuses & dismiss opportunity with “I’m too tired.” Going without sex for long periods of time creates feelings of hurt & rejection that pile up to destroy connectedness. If a couple is unable to talk about sex then negative assumptions are […]

Communication Breakdown: Overcoming Challenges in High-Conflict Relationships

Everybody can get stuck in repeating patterns of ugly disagreement. Frustrations run high & solutions seem impossible. Communication can so easily break down for so many reasons. The intensity of the unhappiness that never gets resolved leads to a familiar stickiness that neither feels able to dig out of…The good news is you can dig […]

Feelings Unleashed: Understanding & Harnessing Emotions

Emotions are messy and confusing – they can so easily take us for a ride. Loneliness can carry us into bad relationships. Our fears can keep us isolated & prevent understanding others. Our shame can ruthlessly feed self-doubt & self-torture. Our resentments & unspoken anger can keep us stuck. We are unable to communicate decently […]

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The nitty gritty about what relationships require to survive presented by a psychotherapist of 40+ years of experience. The episodes are 20-30 minutes of substance without any ads.