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  • Anxiety

  • Anxiety is loving certainty. It is stressful to live in an anxious world, and learning to embrace uncertainty seems impossible to those suffering with anxiety. We must each find a strategy to help us shuttle back and forth between the comfort...

  • Communication

  • Communication is a tricky endeavor to get right. It’s very hard to listen to someone else with any accuracy if you are frustrated, angry or upset. Couples should not stay up late to “finish” an argument. Tired and exhausted people only make communication worse.

  • Manipulation

  • Manipulation all too ordinary in relationships. At the core of manipulation is the Karpman Drama Triangle, a game played all too often & described below. If this game defines a pattern of yours, in relationships with others.

  • Relationships

  • Relationships are complicated. What is a relationship? The core of love is being able to authentically be yourself with someone else and being able to open yourself up to change and growth over time with that other person.

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