Pittsburgh,city of pittsburgh,pittsburgh

“There’s a soul in the city, watching over us tonight, 
There’s a soul in the city, saying everything’s gonna be all right.”
sung by Rod Stewart  lyrics by Larry John McNally

Pittsburgh is a “City of Bridges” that span our three rivers. We have 446 bridges which is three more than Venice. We are a city of hills & valleys with lots of green trees everywhere you look. Our city sits at the crossroads of three rivers.

We Pittsburghers are fiercely proud of our city & our sports teams. Everyone including our bank tellers & waitresses wear our steeler shirts & colors on game day. When scheduling appointments with people the schedule of games is always a part of my calendar.

In 2011 voters in our city voted overwhelmingly to increase our tax on all real estate to support the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

In Pittsburgh we even support our baseball team that does not have big money supporting wins, the Pirates who just broke .500 after 21 years in 2013. In the last game of our 20th losing season in 2012, A.J. Burnett who “didn’t pitch particularly well” got a standing ovation of appreciation (Post Gazette 10/4/12). That’s the kind of place we’re proud to be a part of.

Pittsburgh is affordable & parking is not impossible, like it is in Philly. We have huge cultural opportunities in Pittsburgh & theatre companies are too numerous to count. Pittsburgh is a terrific city to raise a family.

This page is devoted to discovering activities & groups for maximum enjoyment of Pittsburgh.

1. Now, Pittsburgh has a hip, free online zine that really offers tons of important information Check it out & sign up: HERE For delivery in your email from Next Pittsburgh.

2. Quantum Theater   It is “christened in 1990, rededicated each year with the rites of spring to its mission to bring forth artists forging new theatrical ground.” A company that changes locations & is very strong on visuals

3. Barebones Productions consistently offers terrific theater in a small setting in Braddock!

4. Global Pittsburgh First Thursdays “is a regular monthly night of networking and socializing with different themes and different activities – but always with an international flavor – on the first Thursday of every month. It’s an evening of friends, interesting conversation and good spirits with an international flair.” (quote from their website)

5. Kayak with Venture Outdoors located under the 6th Street bridge or Try walking the river walk with beautiful views of downtown pittsburgh. It’s a little over 3 miles if you do a loop from the Heinz Lofts to the Mr. Rodgers statue.

6. THE REP is the actors equity branch of theater at Point Park University. They will soon move their theater from Oakland to Downtown. Great productions!

7. Explorers Club of Pittsburgh where “members participate in activities as diverse as mountaineering, rock climbing, skiing, scuba diving, canoeing, kayaking, caving, cycling, backpacking, environmental and community service projects, and a host of outdoor sports.”

8. City of Asylum  on the Northside offers FREE programs from jazz to poetry readings & talks by authors. They are a nonprofit that provides shelter & community to authors in danger.

9. BANJO NIGHT (ELKS LODGE Doors 7pm, Band 8pm) on the Northside. Non-traditional, multi-generational scene. Free attendance and cheap beer every Wednesday night.

Pittsburgh,city of pittsburgh,pittsburgh