Understanding The Relationships Between Top Dogs & People-pleasers

This topic was a request from someone in my audience. This is a very common relationship pattern and it offers a real opportunity for both people to grow & improve who they are. People-pleasers of course go along to get along, they are helpful & kind & often neglect their own needs. A Top Dog […]

People-pleasing In Relationships & What To Do About It

People-pleasing is a really powerful lifestyle in our culture & it has an impact on many relationships. People-pleasing is all about being heavily lopsided in pleasing others as a way of gaining their approval & maintaining relationships. People-pleasing is of course on a continuum, at work in a subordinate role it could be useful. Then […]

Sex & Sexual Desire in Long Term Relationships

Sexuality is a complex, crucial activity. It’s only on television where couples reach maximum orgasm easily. Our interest in sex naturally ebbs and flows over the course of a long- term relationship as we age or deal with life changes— It’s important to keep in mind that researchers have reliably found that individuals who accept these […]

Manipulation In All It’s Complexity

Everybody manipulates to get what they want, even 3 year olds. I believe manipulation is part of our defense system. Manipulation are ways to win, to have power & control. There are socially acceptable positive manipulations in trying to win card games, smiling at someone to welcome them or a politician trying to win votes. […]

Individualism Hurts The US in Relationships

Great relationships start with your relationship to yourself. You will be harsh with others if you are harsh with yourself. There are three parts to every relationship. There is you, your partner & the US. Learning to sacrifice in order to take care of the US is something that is not talked about enough in […]


Let’s examine in-laws who can help young couples or derail them on the path to relationship success. The biggest reasons for tension include in-laws giving unwanted opinions, partners taking their parents’ side, and disagreements over how to discipline grandchildren. Two thousand married Britons took part in the 2017 study by law firm Slater and Gordon, […]

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