Money & sex are the two things couples argue most about. Most couples don’t want to talk about it because they fight. Budgets are like diets, they don’t work. Learn here how to think about a spending plan. Instead of beating yourselves up for your past attempts at trying to talk about money, try acknowledging where […]

Poison Messages From Your Brain That Damage Your Relationships

Poison messages from our brain buries us in piles of doubt & insecurities that clutter up our lives & our relationships. Some of us cover things up better than others, but no one escapes obsessing about their fears & doubts.[…]

Relationship Wisdom: 4 ways to make yours last

Relationships thrive when the 4 pillars of successful relationships are nurtured. The 4 pillars are Honesty, Respect, Generosity & Negotiating. Relationships are one of the most important parts of life & there are no classes in high school to help you learn how. Make no mistake about it, relationships are a lot of work because everybody […]


Self-sacrifice has been misinterpreted by too many, as the way to be the “best” partner you can be. For this episode I have Alicia Munoz joining me to discuss how  you can use your own experience of pleasure and joy as a compass to guide you to being more fulfilled as a person, and therefore, […]

Emotionally Unavailable Men/People In Relationships (Interview)

Share the Love & Spread the Word PLEASE Tweet or SHARE on Facebook (sooooo helpful)Subscribe on Apple Podcasts: HERE or Google Podcasts or Anywhere Podcasts are Heard! Spotify, Pandora Alexa etc. THANKS! PLEASE LISTEN ABOVE or Read Below: Emotionally unavailable men are something many partners experience. I think the greatest pain about this problem is […]

Self-Confrontation Will Improve ALL Your Relationships

Self-confrontation is a rare commodity in human beings. It’s the real reason people don’t want to go to therapy. It’s really hard to look honestly at yourself. Just recently a client laughingly reminded me when I had shared my observation that her anger had a lot of self righteousness attached to it. She was able […]