Money & how to manage this difficult subject as a team instead of ignoring the problems or constantly fighting. Money is a powerful force that touches every aspect of our lives, and when it comes to romantic partnerships, it can be a source of unity or division.  How Couples Can Win with Finances Money & […]


Therapy is a process that has to be honest…it is both an art & a science in my mind. It is impossible to grow if both of your feet are in comfort & support. You need to straddle the line between support, safety & being challenged or uncomfortable. Therapy requires that you be uncomfortable to […]

From Clashes to Connection: Using Disagreement to Deepen Relationships

Agreement and harmony are too often celebrated as the cornerstones of strong relationships, it is only in the presence of healthy disagreement that truly adds depth, resilience, and growth to these bonds. Disagreement, when approached constructively and respectfully, can foster better understanding, promote critical thinking, and lead to enhanced empathy and connection among individuals. When […]

Sleep: Separating Fact from Fiction for Better Sleep and Stronger Relationships

Sleep is a universal experience that affects everyone. Today we will discuss sleep hygiene, sleep disorders, and sleep-related issues in relationships, you will gain valuable information and strategies for improving your sleep and overall well-being. Sleep is particularly relevant to relationships, as poor sleep habits can impact both partners and cause relationship stress. Sleep disorders […]

Building Trust: The Foundation Of Strong Relationships

It’s no secret that trust is one of the most important elements in a relationship. It gives it its foundation, making sure everything else can fall into place and stay there. Without trust, relationships don’t stand much chance for success – infidelity or poor communication can lead to disputes which often cause hurt feelings on […]

Unlocking The Secret To No More Arguing

Couples need guidance for navigating conflict wisely and skillfully. Hearing what someone has to say is integral in communication, particularly when working through a conflict. Being able to really listen and take in another person’s perspective can be the difference between resolving an argument or making it worse. Good listening means hearing them out without judgment, […]

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