A collection of wisdom on making relationships work over the decades. You’ve heard me say often “Love is wanting to be a better person for your partner.” So partnerships grow us into better versions of ourselves. There is purpose to being in relationships & it’s not about having an audience to applaud you. It’s about […]


Everybody deals with insecurity & it has a huge negative impact on relationships. The focus for those who are insecure is what’s wrong with my partner? Secure attachment, is not about playing games, you’re not trying to win or have power over the other person. It’s not a perfect situation. Secure attachment means you’re able to […]

Intercultural Relationships & Understanding the Complexity

In intercultural & in interracial relationships as well, you don’t always know what you’re getting yourself into. Often, it takes several years, several challenges, a lot of conflict within couples to really figure out what it is that seems to be the issue or why it even is an issue… Both individuals can maintain their cultural identities […]


Divorce often happens in year 6 to 10. research finds year 8 to be ordinary. In the 50s, it was called “The Seven Year Itch’. If your relationship is struggling in these years, it is an ordinary development. I can’t say that enough. It is ordinary to struggle in years 6 to 10 because all […]

Choices & Their Impact On Relationships PART 2

Life is chock full of choices. There are choices that are self defeating or even self destructive. Then there are choices that are life generating. It’s our choices that make up our life. It’s our choices that make the difference in having success in our relationships. Even when we feel we don’t have a choice, […]

Healthy Self-Esteem Is Critical For Healthy Relationships

Many relationships begin because one person is grabbing onto someone else to feel ok. Everybody wants to be loved, but the solution to this, is the age old wisdom that you have to love yourself first. Taking responsibility for our own choices & learning to accept both the good & the bad within all of us […]

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The nitty gritty about what relationships require to survive presented by a psychotherapist of 40+ years of experience. The episodes are 20-30 minutes of substance without any ads.