Learn about yourself here. After more than forty years of practice as a psychotherapist, I have learned that change begins with self awareness and understanding. As you read each section of my website and the blog posts you will acquire a fresh way of
looking at yourself, your relationships, your thoughts and your feelings. Thanks for stopping by…..

This website was built in 2003 as a personal statement of how I think about therapy, values, life, and interactions after more than forty years of working with people. I offer many topics with ideas for self awareness & personal growth as a way to challenge yourself. These ideas are portals for ways to enrich your life by learning & embracing change.

As you read the website, I hope you will use some of these ideas to enlarge your framework of thinking and to understand more about the dark side of yourself which will improve your self awareness. Self awareness can make pain more bearable and can enable you to see more possibilities for your life.

I invite you to interact and do some of the excercises as a first step toward greater self-awareness. Remember that ideas are never a substitute for therapy itself. Welcome to opening yourself up to more possibilities.

There are a wide range of topics which is clear from the index on the left. How ever you arrived by googling grief, anxiety or personal development, I hope that you will stay to explore other topics. I’ve included books and movies from popular culture to make what I offer here, even more approachable.

Greater self awareness can be a real turning point in your life.

In my social worker DNA I don’t believe that everyone who wants to learn more about themselves should have to pay or have insurance. The opportunity for greater self awareness should be available to everybody.

This website is my effort to make the world a better place. I did not build it for marketing.

There is also a blog & a podcast which expands on the ideas presented for greater self awareness in this website.