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The Good Wife is currently the best drama on t.v. I’m not sure why so many more women watch than men. I suspect women watch it because the female characters are complex & three dimensional. Women are important and have an impact in their roles as lawyers, wives, grandmothers & bosses.

The best moment in the season finale was not Alicia & Will about to consummate their relationship. The best moment took place when Kalinda was in bed. Kalinda is bisexual, and often has sex on a one night stand basis. She has massive trust issues and we don’t know the why.

When Kalinda is in bed, she finds out the woman has married since they last met. Kalinda changes her mind about pursuing a sexual encounter because the woman is married. Why does this matter some may ask?

Not because she decided to follow the 10 commandments, but because she has allowed her friendship with Alicia to matter. Kalinda has learned how much pain, Alicia was in because her husband had casual sex with other women. She has paid the price of lost friendship with Alicia because there was a one night stand with Alicia’s husband.

Betrayal is a huge theme of this show. Alicia is untrusting also, and to see her stop sharing & shut out Kalinda was painful. We know this is her best friend whom she trusted more than her husband.

Kalinda believes their friendship is over and she has suffered from the loss. She honors & respects Alicia enough to be open to learning an important lesson. Affairs with married partners, no matter how brief or casual hurt other people. She is changed and will be different because she believes now, that it matters.

This is the true test of love and respect. I will grow to be a better person and I will allow you to influence me. Ultimately, that’s what love is all about.

Recently, I had the opportunity to spend time with my daughter & her husband for a week of vacation. I really had great pleasure watching them as a couple. My daughter is very careful & her husband has this lovely, restless energy. He can persuade her to say yes more than anybody I have ever experienced. She built a sand castle & jumped with him in the waves because it meant so much to him. These are things she avoided even in childhood. Love has changed her.

That’s what true love means, growing to have more range & embracing new parts of who you are. Learning & Growing is the essence of relationships.

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