Mistakes are REALLY, REALLY, REALLY important! Fear has the power to stop you from making mistakes. I write about this often because I see more & more kids struggling to avoid mistakes & the larger world. The path to independence requires mistakes.

“I won’t do it if I can’t do it right.” is something many anxious people think to themselves.

Why is not making mistakes such a good idea? We seem to be over the top with fear that we will be embarrassed in front of others. (Sometimes embarrassment can be secret delight)

It’s impossible to NOT make mistakes because it’s part of being human.

Try this idea on for size: We always learn more from our mistakes than from our success.

When my kids were little I would carpool with other Moms to deliver kids to kindergarten. I would make a wrong
turn on purpose and the outcry was absolutely astonishing. I would say “Ooohhhh my, mistakes are really
important.” This was my unappreciated gift to them.

Playing it safe & only doing things you are good at means you will miss out on laughter, excitement &
adventure. Is that what you really want? Many parents come in & tell me this is true of their kids. I see it as an opportunity to help them understand their anxiety is interrupting their growth.

It’s dumb to play it safe & avoid being awkward. Awkward is a part of every new beginning. The more
more practice you have with awkward, the richer your life will be.

I believe success at living life well requires a long list of All the things you discovered you are bad at.

I’m very proud of the long list of things I’ve failed at, here are just a few: horseback riding, making pottery
with a wheel, painting water colors, bowling, violin, sailing, singing, diving, baking and dancing which I tried more than once hoping it wasn’t true (my husband & I were the worst dancers in the whole class).

by mistake, learn from mistakes, make mistakes, awkward, awkwardly, awkwardness, learning from mistakes
My First & Last Pottery Effort

Don’t avoid beginnings because they are almost always messy & uncertain.

What’s important is trying. Trying is the only way to find out more about who you really are. You just can’t stay in your head to figure it out. Life requires effort. Effort requires mistakes & uncertainty.

Do you want to grow? You have to be willing to make mistakes.


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