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  • Women often struggle to achieve orgasm because their thinking interferes with feeling their own sexual arousal. If a woman does not understand how to bring herself to orgasm it's really unfair to expect your partner to solve the problem for you. It's your body to learn about, it begins with you. ... [read more]
  • Last week a client asked me why so many women give up on their sex life. Last week I told a female client who is 35 years old, that she was missing out on her sexual peak because she is too tired to sort things out with her husband. Many couples tell me their sex life is great and then reveal they h... [read more]
  • The most beautiful prostitute I ever worked with was completely unrecognizable 20 years later when she approached me in a theatre crowd. She had grown her body into a thick fortress  which I easily imagined would ward off all male advances. While I was surprised, I completely understood. Women can c... [read more]
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